Hair Spa

No hair on your head would have ever expected something so special. All the more reason to choose a Hair Spa treatment at Spa Woolness: wellness for hair and skin. At Hair Spa Texel we offer exclusive treatments for the hair and scalp. After a consultation about the condition and structure of your hair and skin we coordinate the best products and essential oils that fit your needs. Would you like to exit a room with bouncing hair? Then pamper it in our hair spa.

Explore the options

Hair massage

Comfort hair treatment

  • Head & hair massage
  • Warm essential oils
  • Aromatherapy

Stimulate your senses

Deluxe hair spa treatment

  • Scalp wash with a light
  • sea salt scrub
  • Head & hair massage
  • Hair bath in warm essential oils
  • Aromatherapy Cold & warm, soft and firm
  • Stimulates circulation and hair growth


Matcha hair spa treatment

  • Matcha ceremony
  • Full head, hair, and hand treatment
  • Energizing antioxidants for scalp, hair, and hands
  • Surprising heat elements
  • Scalp & hair message
  • A total boost for hair and skin

Bridal hair spa

Bridal hairstyles

  • Fizz & bubbles!
  • Relaxing head massage
  • Trial wedding hair
  • Wedding hair
  • Optional touch-ups during the day


For the perfect look

  • Ladies | € 25.50
  • Gentlemen| € 21.50
  • Children (up to 12) | € 18.50


In style

  • Fully in style
  • Styled from head to toe
  • Straight or wavy


Updos & braids

  • Messy or tight
  • Braids or fishtails
  • For a special occasion or just because
  • Feel beautiful

Bounce out the door with bouncing hair!


"Sit down and stimulate the senses! At Hair Spa Texel my goal is to optimize the condition of your hair and scalp through stimulating massage, traditional hairdressing techniques, and with the aid of essential oils. Bounce out the door with bouncing hair!”